Tuesday, May 28

Art Student Wins with MD

Grayson Wise won the T.G. Mays Purchase Award for her art piece “She’s a Dreamer: Italian Remnants,” 

University of Oklahoma student, Grayson Wise, won a prize at a student art show with photographs depicting tourism as a Maladaptive Daydreamer. The photographs feature a sightseer in Oklahoma with scenes of Italy drawn over.

Wise took photos of a friend around Oklahoma, she said. Later, she went in and digitally drew details that could be seen around Italy over the photographs. Many of the details are drawn in thin, white lines with occasional thicker lines of color throughout. 

The piece was also heavily inspired by Wise’s experiences with maladaptive daydreaming — a realistic and often distracting form of daydreaming — , she said.


Congratulations Grayson!

To see the full article and a couple sample pieces click HERE

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