Tuesday, May 28

How to view The Daydreamers documentary

‘The Daydreamers’ documentary has been selected for this year’s ‘Rhode Island International Film Festival’.
Because of the pandemic, the festival is organizing online screenings, which gives everyone around the world an opportunity to access the film for free. 

‘The Daydreamers’ is scheduled to go live from this Friday August 13th at 5:15pm EST. It will be available to watch for a full seven days following its launch, so the last day to watch it will be Friday August 20th. You’ll be able to access the film using this link: https://prog.tsharp.xyz/en/riiff/39/film/6810/The-Daydreamers

Once the film goes live, you will see a viewing link appear as well as a ticket icon, which will direct you to ‘The Daydreamers’ screening block. To access the film, you will just need to click the “To View” link or ticket icon, and you will be brought to the festival’s private Vimeo showcase. 

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