Tuesday, May 28

Forbes Covers MD in Article

Awareness Continues to Spread as Larger Publications pick up the topic of Maladaptive Daydreaming

Yes, Forbes, the business magazine, covered MD recently. Here’s an excerpt from the article titled “Vivid Daydreams Provide A Window Into One’s Personality, Suggests A New Study”;

The researchers view this as evidence that maladaptive daydreams offer an outlet for individuals to “realize” unmet emotional and psychological needs in a fictitious environment. They state, “Sufferers from the disorder can spend more than 60% of their waking time in an imaginary world they have created, realizing that it is a fantasy, and without losing complete contact with the real world. One man related how for 30 years now he has been repeatedly imagining the plots of a series that is constantly evolving.”

The authors note that not all immersive daydreaming is maladaptive and that it is normal to engage in mind wandering or fantasizing from time to time.

“Maladaptation develops simply because the person prefers engaging in the fantasized inner world rather than the external reality,” says Somer. “Distress often comes with the realization of the time wasted and the unaccomplished goals in life. Ironically, individuals with maladaptive daydreaming often regulate this distress with more daydreaming, a pattern often seen among people who struggle with addictions.”


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