Sunday, July 21

Daydreamers Film featured in Dutch Newspaper

De Volkskrant ran a story on The Daydreamers film.

Daily morning paper recently published a piece on The Daydreamers film, by Thomas Renckens. The film has been making the rounds in festivals and aired on Dutch television. Here’s an excerpt from the story, titled “Dagdromen om niet te hoeven leven” (Daydreaming to not have to Live) in de Volkskrant (translated to English):

Where is the border? When does a mental pick-me-up daydream become a disorder, like Jessica’s from the documentary? What about Agatha, who replays in her head for hours every day a scene she imagined around a boy she once had a crush on? “They are no longer in control,” says trauma psychologist Eli Somer, who spoke to both women at length before the film. ” Maladaptive daydreamers have a serious defect, which they should be treated. Compare it to a gambling addiction or an obsessive-compulsive disorder; you can get rid of it with good, targeted therapy. If daydreaming arose as a kind of self-medication to escape trauma, those too must be addressed.’

It certainly started that way for her, Agatha tells The Daydreamers . After a difficult childhood, she created in her fantasy at least one person who always loves her. But she’s done with it, and it helps that she worked on the documentary. ‘I’m not the only one, I now know, and I’m not crazy. It’s time to learn to love myself.’

To read the entire article click HERE.

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