Tuesday, May 28

Artist, Ashley Wright Brings Awareness to Mental Health and Maladaptive Daydreaming

Art Association features Redlands native, U of R grad

From the article:

“My paintings are visually inspired by the natural landscapes of Southern California, 1980s and ’90s nostalgia, and sci-fi artwork,” she said. “I am surrounded by the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest, Joshua Tree National Park, Santa Rosa Wilderness and the Angeles National Forest. These natural landscapes have played a huge part in my life and continue to inspire my art.”

She has a passion for raising awareness around mental health.

“Each painting is a peek into how my mind perceives the world while struggling with dissociation, derealization, depersonalization and maladaptive daydreaming,” she said.


Her work will be featured at the Redlands Art Association through September and in the 6th Salon of Painting at the Menduina Schneider Art Gallery, Los Angeles.

Link to article can be found HERE, and HERE’S a link to the 6th Salon of Painting site.

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