Sunday, July 21

“I Spent a Day With Maladaptive Daydreamers”

Popular YouTube Series covers MDers

YouTuber, Anthony Padilla, features Maladaptive Daydreamers in his popular series “I Spent a Day With”. I Spent a Day With is a series that focuses on interviewing people from all walks of life and often features episodes covering mental health issues.

Guests for the MD episode are; Jayne Rachael, Patient “X”, MD advocate and researcher, editor of The Daydreamer Newsletter. Levi, MD YouTuber (MaDDArt) and former Parallel Lives Podcast host. And Kristen, Parallel Lives Podcast host, coeditor of The Daydreamer and MD Youtuber (DimmerSwitchDisco).

Watch below, or at Anthony Padilla’s YouTube channel HERE.

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