Tuesday, May 28

Essay; Dreamers In Broad Daylight

Astra Magazine First Issue Features MD

From the Astra ‘about’ page:

Astra Magazine is a new international literary biannual. Astra’s print issues feature fiction, poetry, comics, art and narrative non-fiction… Our online publication supplements the print magazine with essays, book reviews and cultural criticism.


In Astra’s first run contributor, American novelist Leslie Jamison, published an essay called Dreamers in Broad Daylight; Ten Conversations, which showcases Maladaptive Daydreaming through conversations with ten people in the authors life.

In another essay, Daydreaming in Progress, Jamison explains how she landed on this topic and her experience of writing the piece. She says, in part:

So I started daydreaming (ha!) about writing about daydreams. I wondered: Did other people daydream like I did? How did people daydream differently? I started asking people about it. I started asking everyone about it. Their responses became part of my Daydream Dossier as well.


To read the full essay (In Broad Daylight) click HERE
To read the follow up (Daydreaming in Progress) click HERE

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