Sunday, July 21

MD Advocates Join Instagram

Jayne Rachael and Lainey_Laine join forced to raise awareness for MD

Elaine (Lainey_Laine) and MD advocate Jayne Rachael recently announced a new joint venture to raise awareness for MD on Instagram. The following if from an announcement posted by Elaine on Discord.

hyello again friends! I’m working with researcher and author Jayne [Rachael] Bigelsen, who’s trying to get MD in the DSM as a diagnosable disorder. She’s done research with Dr. Eli Somer (the psychologist who first studied and coined the term “maladaptive daydreaming”). Jayne is trying to raise awareness in hopes that she can publish a book and get widespread awareness. It would be awesome if you could follow us on Instagram and look out for future projects on other social media platforms. ty!

Daydreamers Hideaway Server message ID: 1008492782744256574

To see this project in Instagram click HERE

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