Tuesday, May 28

Why the internet is obsessed with maladaptive daydreaming

i-D Publishes Opinion piece on MD

i-D is a British publication, put out by the better-known Vice, it focuses on “youth culture”. This month writer Laura Molloy wrote about “The mental health discourse on TikTok sees users confessing to an intense and invasive addiction to letting their mind wander.”

Given that maladaptive daydreaming often replaces in-person interaction, it’s unsurprising that TikTok’s primary demographic, Gen-Z, is resonating en masse with the condition, given that significant periods of their adolescence have been mired in restriction. A study from the University of Haifa found maladaptive daydreamers engaged more frequently in daydreams during periods of pandemic-related quarantine — something that aligns with Tom’s experience, who admits to turning to his daydreams to “escape the repetitive life cycle of lockdown”.

Why the internet is obsessed with maladaptive daydreaming (vice.com)

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