Wednesday, June 19

Back to Life; Lolina’s “Live in Paris”

Contributor for Bandcamp Daily details the MD Experience

Kainoa Nagao, a Brooklyn writer and community worker, details their experience with MD through this lovely vignette of their experience with music.

The urbane sound collage of Live in Paris was captivating to me. I had just exited my first relationship and was not handling the break-up well. Living completely alone in an environment as energetic as New York City quickly created a level of lonely anonymity to the point where I felt like a ghost, and Live in Paris fed off that facelessness. Something about hearing the chain-lined combat boots walking on “Chance” or the incessant car horns and conversations on “Rage” separated me from the real world and allowed me to visualize something different, something better. Yes, I could hear any of those sounds on an average day if I wanted to, but the point was to leave the real world, not engage with it. As I struggled in the aftermath of my break-up, I lacked a sufficient support system. Real life continued to get harder, and I daydreamed more and more, to the point where it consumed nearly my entire life. In continually seeking to stay in my fantasies, I was quite literally neglecting myself both physically and mentally.

Nagao, Kainoa, Back to Life: Lolina’s “Live in Paris” | Bandcamp Daily

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