Sunday, July 21

When Daydreams Overpower Reality: Maladaptive Daydreaming

Seattle Anxiety Specialists PLLC talks about MD

Seattle Anxiety Specialists is a private outpatient practice serving the Seattle Washington area. Their website provides articles on relevant topics. Last month they published a piece on Maladaptive Daydreaming, illustrating that awareness is spreading among clinicians.

Lee (2019) describes a Canadian teenager named Maddie. By her own account, Maddie has been maladaptively daydreaming since she was a young child; as a little girl, she often paced in her driveway while daydreaming. She did this often enough and for long enough periods to wear through the grass and leave a strip of exposed dirt in her wake.[14] These vivid, consuming daydreams continued to be regular parts of her day through her teen years; by her estimate, she spends about four hours every single day daydreaming.[15] The time that her daydreams command has affected her schoolwork, social life, and her perception of her own identity, since she feels she knows the Maddie that exists in her daydreams better than the one that exists in real life. The extent of her daydreams even caused her to question her sanity in her early teen years, before learning about the concept of maladaptive daydreaming. But despite the confusion and distress it has caused her, and the impact it has on her outside life, Maddie considers her maladaptive daydreaming to be a part of her, and enjoys many parts of it.[16]

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