Tuesday, May 28

Author: Zarelion

Parenthood in daydreaming
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Parenthood in daydreaming

Maladaptive daydreams can sometimes display complex familial structures and this week we asked daydreamers whether they were parents in their daydreams and whether parenthood played a major role in them. For a large part the answer turned negative, interestingly those who answered so made a direct link between their real life and their daydreams: not wanting kids, they don’t imagine having them either in their imaginary lives. For those who were not opposed to it, parenthood is often depicted in an idyllic fashion: “I have had daydreaming phases where I was pregnant or holding my newborn in my arms, hugging and rocking it. I never daydreamed the “bad sides” of having a baby such as switching diapers, baby cries, being woken up at night… in short, everything down to earth and ...

How did daydreamers find out about maladaptive daydreaming?

Becoming aware of a different behavior in oneself is already difficult enough. But then how to find an explanation to it, and how to find out whether we are the only ones to experience it? What searches lead to a condition that’s not quite yet recognized by the scientific community? This week we asked daydreamers how they found out about the term “maladaptive daydreaming”. Some daydreamers of an inquisitive nature were led by their  own introspection to search if everyone was developing such intense universes and daydreaming sessions. “One day, I asked myself whether everybody was inventing such stories or whether I was the only one.” Or they were motivated by the feeling of a difference between them and their relatives or friends. “Even if I wasn’t sad, there was a big f...
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