International Consortium for Maladaptive Daydreaming Research

Ultimately, we aim to improve the recognition of MD among mental health professionals and scholars in the hope that the pursuit of these goals could help the many who suffer from MD and in need of help. We are eager to work with consumer organizations for the promotion of public and professional MD awareness.

The Daydreamer Newsletter

Although we plan to occasionally summarize the latest research in the newsletter, this is going to be more about living with MD from the sufferer’s experience. We will highlight different community members experiences including what has and hasn’t worked for them. 

SomerClinic on Youtube

בערוץ ווידיאו זה יוצגו סרטונים ובהם הרצאות קצרות לציבור הרחב בנושאים בתחום מומחיותו של פרופ’ אלי זומר כמו: בריאות נפש, פסיכולוגיה, מצבי דחק, טראומה והפרעות דיסוציאטיביות. This video channel contains brief lectures on psychopathology and psychotherapy by Prof. Eli Somer, Ph.D