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Immersive and Maladaptive Daydreaming and Divergent Thinking in Autism Spectrum Disorders

New paper published!

Melina Jay West, Eli Somer and Inge-Marie Eigsti recently published a paper on divergent thinking, MD and ASD. It was published in Imagination, Cognition and Personality, a Sage Journal; “Since 1981, Imagination, Cognition and Personality has presented thoughtful investigations of mental images and fantasies, memory fragments and future anticipations, sensations and emotions, intrapersonal communication, and narrative constructions.” The following is from the Abstract:

Little is known about the internal mental experiences of individuals with ASD. While some research suggests a limited capacity for imagination, other studies show heightened interest in fantasy and unique forms of creative thinking in ASD. This study explored daydreaming experiences in adults with ASD, with a focus on immersive daydreaming and its relation to divergent thinking abilities. Individuals with and without a diagnosis of ASD were surveyed on their daydreaming habits and completed a divergent thinking task. Experiences of immersive daydreaming were identified in 42% of adults with ASD and were related to broad ASD traits in those without a diagnosis of ASD. However, ASD diagnosis was unrelated to originality of divergent thinking, which was negatively associated with immersive daydreaming. Moreover, daydreaming experiences in ASD were diverse. A more nuanced understanding of the mental experiences in ASD may assist in the development of interventions and support for this population.

West, M. J., Somer, E., & Eigsti, I.-M. (2022). Immersive and Maladaptive Daydreaming and Divergent Thinking in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Imagination, Cognition and Personality, 0(0).

To view the full paper click HERE

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