Wednesday, June 19

Call for Participation: French Speakers Needed

University of Lausanne Conducting Research on Maladaptive Daydreaming

I am part of a team led by Daniela Jopp; we are conducting research on this theme at the University of Lausanne, and this post is part of a recruitment effort.

We have a focus on developing appropriate approaches to treatment, and on shedding light on the cognitive features of MDers, and interactions between MD and some of its prominent comorbidities.

For now, we are only able to test French-speakers, however translation efforts are ongoing and we should soon be able to take on English-speakers as participants.

Should you wish to become a subject in our research efforts, kindly express your interest through a mail to Please specify in the mail whether you are a French-speaker, and we will get back to you to work out a convenient time. Our interviews and experiments typically never last longer than 1h – 1h30, and some of them can be split into 2 sessions.

Rest assured that the data and testimonies you provide during these experiences will be anonymized, and your privacy treated with the utmost respect.
Best regards,

Valentin Donzé.

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